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Welcome to the world of media streaming, where captivating stories come alive and entertainment knows no bounds. BSM Network is an innovative provider of solutions for streaming TV, FAST, and OTT platforms. We specialize in channel creation, distribution, and monetization, helping content creators and distributors to amplify their reach, further monetize, and stand out thriving in the digital fast growing landscape.

Channel Creations

Our expert team works closely with content creators to bring their vision to life, crafting engaging channels that resonate with audiences. We understand the importance of compelling content and its promotion, which transforms audiences into communities.


With our extensive network and industry expertise, we create and connect your channels with a wide range of platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and reach. From popular streaming services to emerging FAST and OTT platforms, we leverage our partnerships to help you find, engage with, and maximise your audience.

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Unlock the full potential of your content with our promotion and monetization strategies. We provide insights, tools, and resources to help you generate revenue through new revenue models, spinning off new services and products. Our aim is to empower you to monetize your creativity and build a sustainable business, bringing content creation and distribution to the next level of audience amplification and monetization.

Comprehensive suite of services to help you create, distribute and monetise your content.

Distribution network across multiple platforms and channels.

Tailor-made content solutions to cater to your specific needs.

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